Walkway covers are an attractive and cost-effective way to protect visitors

Walkway covers are an attractive and cost-effective way to protect visitors, pedestrians and students from the rain and sun. Available in up to 10’ wide and lengths, a steel walkway canopy will not only keep people dry, but also enhance the look of any building or structure. For school campuses, parking lots or office buildings, a walkway canopy can be used as a pick-up spot for student vehicles at the end of the day, to connect classrooms with the rest of the property or as a safe path from one building to another.

Walkways can be designed to fit in with any landscape or architectural design. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, walkways are easy to maintain and can be custom designed for specific use. For example, a steel canopy can be designed to provide shade over an entranceway or a covered walkway connecting two buildings of the same size.

Many schools choose to add walkway covers canopies as a way to make it easier for students and parents to get to and from their cars at the end of the day. During rainy weather, having an option to keep people dry on their way out of the school will make everyone feel safer and happier. Similarly, schools with large campuses can benefit from having walkway covers that allow kids and adults to move safely between buildings without worrying about being exposed to the rain.

In business offices, having a walkway cover will also make the experience of clients and visitors much better. It will prevent rain and sun from damaging their clothing, and it will make them feel more comfortable as they come in for meetings or events. The added protection will create a warmer and friendlier atmosphere, which can help to increase productivity in the workplace.

In addition to providing an aesthetic and protective covering, walkways can be built to include gutter systems that drain water away from the entranceway. In the event of a heavy downpour, the system will work to direct water from the deck into the curved beams and then up the column through tube struts or kickers into a site drainage system. The result is a clean and protected entranceway that will remain free of ice and snow for years to come.