Types of Playground Markings

Playground markings are a feature you’re likely to see in school playgrounds and public parks. They provide a colourful, engaging way for children to learn and develop important skills while having fun outside.

The most common playground markings include educational games and designs that help children to develop their numeracy and literacy skills. However, there are also many markings which can encourage children to engage in creative and imaginative play, developing vital social skills.

There are two main types of playground games ks1 markings: painted and thermoplastic. While painted markings are simply coloured on the surface, thermoplastic marks are made of plastic which is heated and then melted onto the surface. This makes them more durable and longer-lasting than painted markings. They’re also skid-resistant, making them a great choice for playgrounds as they can resist wear and tear from frequent use.

When choosing which playground markings to install in your school, it’s essential to consider your children’s needs and the purpose of the play space. For example, if you want to promote physical activity, it’s possible to dedicate a section of the playground to sport and fitness markings such as netball courts, basketball hoops, daily mile tracks and chess boards. This can encourage children to get enough exercise during their lunch break and beyond.

It’s also possible to install playground markings that offer educational value, incorporating alphabet targets, footwork vowels, letter steps and phonetic spots. This type of playground marking is a great addition to any outdoor classroom and can be used for numeracy, literacy or maths lessons.

Whether you choose to install educational or creative playground markings, it’s vital that the marks are safe and secure. All of our playground markings are designed with safety in mind and are made from a hard-wearing, skid-resistant material. They’re also available in a wide range of colours and sizes, allowing you to create a truly bespoke design that matches the style of your school.

Thermoplastic markings are the most durable and long-lasting playground markings, which is why they’re a popular option for schools. To install them, the thermoplastic is laid out and then heated to a temperature at which point it becomes soft enough to be melted into all of the nooks and crannies of the playground surface.

This installation method is also safer than spraying paint on the playground as it doesn’t require any chemicals. In terms of maintenance, it’s essential to carry out routine inspections and occasional touch-ups to maintain the quality and appearance of your playground markings. It’s also a good idea to avoid installing playground markings on surfaces such as astroturf or wet pour, as the high heat needed for installation would damage these materials.