Choosing the Best: Independent Slip Testing Services Explained

Slipping and falling is one of the worst things that can happen to your staff and customers. In addition, the cost to your business of dealing with the fall and subsequent medical bills is significant.

The key to reducing the risk of slips and falls is regular floor slip testing. Slip resistance tests can identify the most slippery floors and provide information to help with determining the most suitable anti-slip treatments.

ISTS provides expert independent slip testing services throughout Australia for a variety of clients in the commercial, retail, government and community sectors. We have a team of certified testers and can provide the results to you within hours to help you reduce your slip risk.

Every organisation needs to take care of its employees and visitors and the last thing you want is someone slipping and hurting themselves in your building. Regular floor slip test audits are essential to ensure compliance and keep you informed of any ongoing changes in the surface safety.

Our expert testers can provide a comprehensive floor slip test report to assist you with implementing the most appropriate floor safety control measures. Our reporting can be tailored to your specific requirements and we will use the latest testing methodology. This includes the harmonised standard AS/NZS 4663 Slip resistance measurement of existing pedestrian surfaces and BS 7976 Part 3 Pendulum testers method of calibration.

A key component of the ISTS service offering is a thorough inspection and evaluation of the floor surface prior to testing. This involves a detailed visual assessment of the floor, including any contaminants present. We can also recommend an appropriate cleaning regime to minimise any future slip risk.

During the onsite floor slip test the surface is assessed for its overall slip resistance and classified according to Australian Standards. Our experienced technicians are certified to conduct these inspections in a range of locations, from hotels and leisure centers to train station platforms. ISTS is a NATA accredited laboratory and can provide you with reports that comply with the requirements set out in Standards Australia & CSIRO Handbook HB197.

In addition to onsite floor slip testing, we also offer a full laboratory service for the testing of existing and proposed new flooring materials. Our laboratories are NATA accredited and follow the testing procedures outlined in Australian standards (see the Standards Australia website for more details). ISTS has a wide range of certified testers to suit a diverse range of applications and specialised equipment for testing concrete, steel, timber and tiled floors.

The UK Health and Safety Executive believes trundle tests and sled slip testing machines do not work for wet slip resistance measurements. The HSE also says the American based pendulum slip testers (Slip Meter, GMG, Tortus) don’t work either. The good news is that the British based SlipAlert test does work and gives COF SCOF or PTV results that correlate with pendulum results.